No Matter What

no-dice-543596241a367One of the more obscure bands that I really liked in high school and since was Badfinger. I didn’t know a whole lot about them, but I did get their album Magic Christian Music at some point and loved their classic Come and Get It, which I believe was produced by Sir Paul.

But the song that really caught me, and that is definitely in my top ten, is No Matter What. Here it is live:

I don’t know why it works so well for me, but it does. I love the guitar riffs.  And the classic organ sound, the background harmonies, the Beatlesque ambience and maybe the lyrics.

I am sure I heard it many times in high school. But when I really learned to the love the song was in 1983 when I was roadying for a band who played it in their sets. At the time, I was engaged to my now wife. And the refrain of “No matter what you do…” echoed precisely how I felt about her.

Here is the promotional video that was made for the song.

From what I can learn about the actual making of the song, the original demo was recorded with acoustic guitar by band member Peter Ham. This is the demo (and it has a very prominent samba beat to it–kind of unnerving if you ask me):

That was done in 1969, and then another version was recorded in March of 1970. But then a final version was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in April 1970.  This is the version that showed up on their albums.

Sadly, Pete Ham killed himself at the young age of 27–when he felt the world was closing in on him. And that makes this optimistic rocker of a song all the more important as it is a ray of sunshine spotlighting his career.

I really like this remake by Def Leppard.  (It’s like the song was written for them too.)


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